Our vision

The mission of the Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce is to promote the Czech Republic (or alternatively the whole CEE region) and the Republic of India as countries with very interesting business possibilities, which for reasons of substantial cultural and social, economic, legal, political and other significant differences still remain untapped. Due to their significant potential, the Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce aims to minimize these obstacles of cooperation and help easily establish business contacts and mutually benefit from investment opportunities to develop the comparative advantages of both countries.

Our values

In order to achieve our goals, we proceed in accordance with our values that we consider crucial to ensure we reach the expected results across all dimensions of the business.

  • Maximum focus on the needs of entrepreneurs
  • Individual approach and high flexibility
  • Professionalism and expertise
  • Trust and reliability
  • Quality and continuous improvement efforts

Chamber profile

Our best efforts for your maximum satisfaction!

The Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce was established to strengthen cooperation between Czech and Indian companies and business development in both markets. It is headed by people who are ready to offer potential clients from the segment of the Czech and Indian exporters, importers and investors their services and make every effort to fulfill their wishes and requirements.

Cooperating with public institutions of the Czech Republic and the Republic of India, the Chamber's priority mission is to raise awareness of business opportunities among private and public entities in both countries and provide related services. This essentially includes a market research in order to find potential partners and assistance in arranging business matters; providing information on investment incentives; holding seminars and lectures on business topics; organizing business training courses and education of employees; offering top legal and economic consultancy in connection with the Chamber's activities; regular publishing of topical articles, statistics and news from the world business environment and performing other activities leading to the expansion of international cooperation and strengthening international trade.

In order to provide a wide range of top quality services, the Chamber cooperates in its activities with a number of important state institutions, including the Indian Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The memorandum approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic is available here.