Interview with Mr. Martin Bozek

Publikováno: 15.4.2012

Watersavers, Ltd. is the producer of high-quality water saving devices providing you 20% - 50% water and energy savings and it deals with a complex programme for saving water. The production includes Flow Restrictor–Aerators for basin lever mixers, Flow Restrictor-Aerators for showers and AUTOMATIC WC STOP for flush toilets. The products have quickly asserted themselves on all markets thanks to their quality, originality and high efficiency of water conservation.
The Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce brings you an interview with the Foreign Trade Manager, Mr. Martin Bozek who considers India as one of the promising future markets and has also visited India personally.

Watersavers was a member of the Technology Incubator run by the Czech Innovation Centre. This close connection of business and science is still not usual in the Czech Republic. How was working with academics and experts?
We were in the Technology Incubator from 2006 to 2009 and it was the perfect environment for our startup. Linking science, research, academia and the business has great benefits for all. Personally I am convinced that this is a very effective way to increase the worldwide competitiveness of Czech companies manufacturing innovative products and technologies, which can contribute to the competitiveness of the Czech Republic as a whole.
Cooperation with experts was very motivating and enriching. When developing new products, we learned not to do any compromise in quality and handling, pay attention to details and not to take a shortcut, even when it is convenient. As a result, we developed world-class products.

You are an example of innovative companies with enormous potential, which are to be supported in the new Czech strategic documents (Strategy for International Competitiveness, Export Strategy 2012-2020). What does your company consider as the biggest obstacle to your business?
From our perspective, it is the lack of connection between innovations and the attitude of our government towards them. On the one hand, there are terms, such as competitiveness or innovation and on the other hand, when the Czech products appear that completely satisfy these two words, it is extremely hard to promote their wider use. We are facing rigid legislation and still struggling with the fact that there is no “category”, which would include our products. Government officials then do not know how to deal with our business.
However, great ideas are created in the Czech Republic. We have high-quality science and research, excellent technological environment and many other advantages. If we become effective in the use of these advantages and approach them with enough confidence, we could be a “trendsetter” at least in the EU. The potential is there.

Almost all Czech ministries are using your water saving devices. In addition to the EU countries, you have sales offices in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Indonesia or even Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Now you are heading to India. Why do you think that this year burdened with a number of risks to economic growth is the right one to enter the Indian market?
The period of crisis, decline in economic performance, slowdown in economic growth, related budget cuts and similar effects are generally viewed very negatively, because they bring the need to make changes. But that is also an extremely valuable opportunity to start doing things better, smarter and look at them from new angles. The worse the crisis is the more of these options are becoming a necessity. And our products offer greater efficiency, economy and savings without sacrificing comfort – in terms of money and an extremely valuable commodity, such as drinking water.

The volume of wastewater discharged into rivers and canals is increasing in India faster than treatment capacity; demands on water supplies are higher and higher primarily for agriculture, which absorbs more than 80% of all fresh water consumption in India. It is obvious that India will have to increase water efficiency in the future. How could your company contribute to improving water efficiency?
We can help especially in cities, and where fresh water flows. We are able to reduce its consumption in home in the range 20-70% and it brings many positive things. The essential one is money and water saving followed by saving the energy needed for its heating. But when we consider further, it also helps to reduce the environmental pollution in general. As energy savings mean lower emissions in the atmosphere, we can say that in addition to a smaller negative impact on human health, there are other benefits, such as increased revenues from the sale of emission allowances. Assessment of all positive aspects of our products would make a scientific study - but the basic ones are obvious to everybody.

You personally visited Mumbai for a market research. Was this your first trip to India? What are the main impressions you learned from discussions with the Indian entrepreneurs?
It was the second trip, but much longer and more rewarding than when I was in India just for a few days due to a trade fair visit. During the second trip I spent in Mumbai approximately six weeks and I greatly appreciate this experience. What I learned from several meetings I attended in India is the fact that one has to be very patient and must not be put off by different style of negotiations than what we are used to here in Europe. If you can handle this, success will come.

Do you think there is enough information about the Indian market? Do you use the services of some organizations (CzechInvest, CzechTourism, etc.)? How are they helpful?
In my opinion, the awareness of the Indian market is enhancing. Many people are not looking at India with mistrust, but rather with curiosity and interest. Since India is at the forefront of the new export strategy of the Czech Republic, I believe that the interest and awareness will increase further.

The Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce does not consider currently available information about India to be sufficient and it plans a series of actions and events for this year that will raise the awareness of India as a market with a huge potential.